Bellboy Bluetooth Earphones Review
Almost everyone among us owns a pair of earphones. Earphones make it easy to listen to music or even attend calls when you are... Bellboy Bluetooth Earphones Review

Almost everyone among us owns a pair of earphones. Earphones make it easy to listen to music or even attend calls when you are multitasking or if you are in a surrounding where you do not want to disturb your neighbors. Even while choosing earphones, some of us opt for Bluetooth earphones to save ourselves from those tangle-prone earphone cables and mostly for its comfort, others prefer the classic way the wired earphone and that because of the issues that arises when we go for Bluetooth earphones which is pricing, battery life, pairing problems…

One brand that is trying to disrupt the Bluetooth earphones market is BellBoy, with their latest Smart Bluetooth Earphones tries to make the Bluetooth earphones affordable to even people having a tight budget and still without compromising the quality. So, does these earphones deliver what it claims? Here is the full review of the Bellboy smart Bluetooth earphones.

Inside the box:

The unboxing of the headset is straight forward. The Bellboy package contains:

  • 1 x Bluetooth headset
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x Earphone clip
  • 1 x Instructions on box

The BellBoy Smart Bluetooth Earphones are one of the cheapest Bluetooth earphones out there. However, what makes this product quite impressive is that they do not skip on any design details to achieve such a low price tag.

Build and Appearance:

The design of the BellBoy Smart Bluetooth Earphones is very ergonomic, tough it doesn’t feel premium in the hand. The cable linking the earphones are flat in design so as to prevent it from being tangled. The design of the individual earpiece is also very well-thought, making it quite easy and comfortable to use even for a longer period of time. It comes only with a white color so you don’t have much choice in picking another color.

Performance and sound quality:

Talking about the sound quality of the BellBoy Smart Bluetooth Earphones, the earphone provides a very sharp and clear audio output that does almost okay in avoiding any outdoor noise so it will not give you a very immersive audio experience. The sound clarity is also well-detailed, with a good amount of bass and well-distinguishable at the lows and mids, but it doesn’t do good in the highs, there is somewhat of leakage at the highs and the sound quality is lost.

These earphones feature Bluetooth v4.1 technology, this is the feature where it scores well, the pairing process is very easy and takes only seconds. Battery life, the most important features in any Bluetooth enabled device, the earphones do okay in delivering an average of 3 hours of listening and active usage and a standby time of 48 hours. It can be charged through the micro-USB port with the cable included.

Talking about the pricing, The BellBoy Smart Bluetooth Earphones is up for sale at their official website and is priced at $29. You can get the product shipped to any part of the world for just $5, which brings the total cost of the BellBoy Smart Bluetooth Earphones at just $34, which is not bad for what is delivers, but if you are an audiophile and you looking for the best sound experience, that is not the one you may want to go with.

Wrap up:

The BellBoy Smart Bluetooth Earphones can be titled as the cheapest Bluetooth Earphones out there that offers the best level of comfort and an okay sound experience compared to its price point. If you are looking for a cheap, wireless earphone for on the go, then you may want to pick one for you. Unless, you want more of a better sound experience then you should definitely prepare your wallet for more than a $30 USD to get that.


I was provided the Bellboy earphones as a review sample. Head over Bellboy website to know more about their products.

Bellboy wireless earphones

Bellboy wireless earphones



Build Quality





  • Nice design and comfortable.
  • Pairing and connectivity is really good
  • Cheap wireless earphones


  • The sound experience was okay with some leakage at the highs.
  • An average battery life.

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