u-JAYS headphones review: Is a $200 pair of headphones worth it?
Shelling out a couple of hundred for a pair of high-end headphones is something of an investment, so if they turn out to be... u-JAYS headphones review: Is a $200 pair of headphones worth it?

Shelling out a couple of hundred for a pair of high-end headphones is something of an investment, so if they turn out to be fragile or aren’t comfortable, it can be a waste of money. The u-JAYS headphones are a pair of artistically crafted on-ear headphones from a Swedish company called JAYS. Over the years they’ve made several headphones that follow a similar naming convention: the s-JAYS back in 2009, the c-JAYS in 2008 and so on. While I’ve never really tried any of their other products, the u-JAYS were a happy discovery. They’ve been designed to be simple, aesthetically pleasing, great sounding, long lasting and most importantly, exceedingly comfortable. While the headphones do hit most of the desirable points on that list, the most striking bit for me was the comfort.

But before I start talking about the comfort I should probably make one of those full disclosure statements. Here it is: I don’t like on-ear headphones. Whichever on-ear headphone I’ve used before like the Axel ID headphones, I’ve never really liked any of them when it comes to the comfort department.

But the u-JAYS is something else, Comfort is one of the pros for the headphone this time. So we plugged in a pair to see how they performed and bring you the full review of the u-JAYS headphones.

“ The u-Jays are sleek and comfortable, they are the best all-around comfy on-ear wired headphones you can get out there”

Inside the box:

Before we get down with the actual headphone I want to talk about the experience of receiving a Jays product. At the price point, I don’t think any other brand is offering this level of quality in packaging and product, period. The box is simple, sleek and informative. Once you remove the sleeve a plain black, stiff cardboard box with just the words ‘u-JAYS | For Android | by JAYS’ printed on the side in white. It reeks of class. Once the box opens the quality continues, there is no ‘chocolate tray’ plastic it’s just sturdy foam holding the relevant parts of the headphone in place and a very swanky user manual which follows the same design philosophy as the packaging. It looks rather like a very nice checkbook actually….

Build and Appearance:

There is really no getting away from the fact that Jays have got a really fantastic looking headphone here, its simplistic but very effective. On our all black version the small white accents just add that little extra to keep in line with the theme from the packaging and Jays usual style. But there is more to be said for the build than that! Starting with the headband, I actually think the silicon outer layer is really nice for two main reasons. The first of which is that because of the very well designed shape of the headband you can barely feel they are on the top of your head even when they weigh in at 224g. The second reason is solely down to the choice of material as silicon doesn’t slip, it’s slightly grippy on your hair but not in an uncomfortable way by any means! It just gives you the confidence that you can move your head around and you aren’t going to send your headphones flying! Oh, and it’s very easy to clean as well.

Moving down to the stems that connect into the ear-cups I can’t be quite as positive; they are plastic and noticeably so. I know that to get the shape they have achieved with the swiveling ability it would have been way more expensive, but when you’ve had the unboxing experience that these offer the last thing you expect to come across is a cheap plastic. It will keep them lightweight I guess, and to be frank I can’t fault how they function. The cups themselves do feel a lot sturdier which is great, and more in-keeping with what I have come to expect from Jays! In all honesty, these are built to last, they come with a two-year warranty which is great and they are just generally a very sturdy product.

The ear pads are an area that most companies fall short on in the on-ear headphone market; they are often uncomfortable and can get sweaty and just generally be a bit of a nuisance on your head. While these are certainly not perfect it is a darn sight better than I was expecting. They use ‘viscoelastic ear-cushions’ which are set do adapt to your ear to maximize comfort and seal. To be fair to them, it works! They are the most comfortable on-ear headphone I have tried and not just for 15 minutes either.


What about sound quality and performance? On first listen you feel the sound signature is slightly warm but you soon realize the slight bump in the lower end while certainly being present, isn’t very pronounced. This makes the headphones exceptionally well equipped to handle vocals.

The u-JAYS are pretty balanced compared to a lot of the bass emphasized headphones in this price range. I consider these to have a very pleasant more natural sound with a little boost in the upper mids, rolled off sub bass and very unfatiguing, relaxed treble.

The bass is probably the area of all audio-related equipment to divide opinion the most, if you like a really warm hard hitting thumping bass this headphone won’t be for you without a little EQ-ing.

What I did like and dislike about the headphone?

Ok hold on… All this complaining might make you think I didn’t like the u-JAYS. In fact, I liked them a lot – the scores say as much. They’re certainly better sounding than say the Axel ID which costs nearly as much. From build quality to the sound experience, it is very hard to find something wrong about these pair of headphones, they are just the best all-around comfy on-ear wired headphones you can get *drop the keyboard*

Wrap up:

These are a really lovely headphone, the style, quality and sound come together to give the full package. If you want a bass driven headphone then something like Axel ID deep will be more for you, if you are after a balanced presentation with great mid-range qualities I would take a long hard look at these! They look great on and off your head and are the perfect size for travelling.



I was provided the u-JAYS headphones as a review sample. Head over Jays website to know more about their products.

u-JAYS on-ear headphones

199 $
u-JAYS on-ear headphones



Build Quality





  • Clear and forward sound signature
  • Sleek, minimalist design
  • Light and comfortable fit


  • There is almost nothing to dislike on these pair of headphone, I only wish the bass was a little punchy.

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