Wireless Cat headphones review: Looks Cute Yeah, Sounds good Maybe!
Brookstone wireless cat headphones are ideal for cosplayer and ravers, but a $139.99 pair of headphones should do more than just look good. Unfortunately, while the molded, LED-lit,... Wireless Cat headphones review: Looks Cute Yeah, Sounds good Maybe!

Brookstone wireless cat headphones are ideal for cosplayer and ravers, but a $139.99 pair of headphones should do more than just look good. Unfortunately, while the molded, LED-lit, speaker-equipped cat ears stand out from the crowd, their performance as headphones relies far too much on bass with little else to balance it, and the built-in speakers aren’t terribly useful. If you’re looking for over-ear headphones that double as glowing cat ears, this is your only option. But if you want headphones that offer good sound quality, there are many, many better choices in this price range.

Inside the box:

Unboxing was quite fun however. I mean, not as fun as a cat pur-say would have fun with playing with packing material, but hey. The headphones come in a pretty alright constructed box, that for my personal tastes was WAY too large and unwieldy. All of the accessories were nicely packed in as well.

In the box comes the headphones itself, a Micro-USB cable for charging, a 3.5mm cable with in-line controls, and all of the papers that no one really bothers to read anyways. That’s it though? For $140, just headphones, a cable, and a mic? Must mean the headphones are great, right?

Build and Appearance:

Even without big, glowing ears at the top, the Cat Ear Headphones stand out as a set of imposing over-ear cans, completely black save for the LED elements. The earcups are big and circular, with plush, faux-leather pads. They attach to the thick headband with heavy plastic hinges that let the cups fold completely inward and pivot sideways. You can expand the headphones to your preferred fit, with click stops there to keep them locked securely in place. The underside of the headband is lined with the same plush material as the earpads.

From the outside, the hard plastic earcups are thick half-domes, each highlighted with a wide ring of translucent plastic that covers the lighting elements. The edge of the right earcup holds a micro USB port for charging the built-in battery that powers the lights, a charging indicator light, and Light, Speaker, and Volume Up/Down buttons.

We can’t ignore the ears, though. Those big, triangular, undeniably feline plastic ears stick out about 2.4 inches from the headband at approximately 45-degree angles. They’re the same black plastic as the headband and earcups, save for the speaker-like elements on the inside of the ears. Each ear has two illuminated circles the same color as the lights on the outside of the earcups (they come in blue, green, purple, yellow or red).

The ears feature built-in speakers, but they’re not represented by the light-up woofers and tweeters. The actual speaker drivers sit behind the perforated plastic grilles that surround the lights on the insides of each ear. The speakers work independently of the lights, and can be turned on and off with a button on the right earcup.

you’ll also have to memorize the places of buttons in order to use your headphones without constantly removing them to check the icon on the button. These headphones have six buttons placed on the bottom of the right ear cup, which I actually prefer to having them split across both cups. They’re also grouped by function, with three volume controls and three light/speaker controls separated by the headphone cord input.


Let start with the Bluetooth pairing. The Bluetooth function itself is also strong and simple to use. It will pair with the most recent device used, so if you have the headphones paired with both your laptop and your cell phone, you’ll want to turn one of them off before turning the headphones on. Though the process was easy and straight forward I found problem in controlling the music from the headset itself, the delay from pushing the buttons to waiting for the action to happen is so awfully big and takes a lot of time.

The Battery life is a bummer. They claimed to have full 5 hours of streaming music, sadly I didn’t get a solid 4hours of listening and I had to go charge it for 3hours to fully charge.

Now you may be wondering, geez where is the good part then!!! Well the Headphones can handle tracks with a thumping bass pretty well. They are able to reproduce sub-bass content with such a kick to the enjoyment of many who like the low-end parts of the audio spectrum. Still, while the sub-bass performance is impressive, other frequencies sound lopsided. It emphasizes the deep end above everything else. Therefore, it overwhelms practically everything else such as the details and crispness in tracks.

The performance for the speakers hold a different story, but still not a very good one. They are underpowered and practically sound terrible across all frequencies. Tracks distort heavily, even at fairly high volumes without reaching max.

Wrap up:

Overall, the Brookstone wireless Cat Ear Headphones are better known to be a fashion statement rather than a piece of audio-listening device that audiophiles would go to. They are certainly eye-catching, but sound quality is poor from the earcups to the speakers.


I was provided the Wireless Cat headphones as a review sample. Head over Brookstone website to know more about their products.

Brookstone Wireless Cat heaphones

Brookstone Wireless Cat heaphones



Build Quality





  • Solid build quality
  • Nice and unique Design


  • Expensive
  • Very bass-heavy sound
  • Poor speaker performance
  • Battery Life

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