Rubik’s Futuro Cube review
The future is right in front of us. Ways to play are absolutely unlimited. There are computer and console...
InCharge USB cable review: Because size matters
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Choosing the right part for your build rig maybe a little tough, specially to pick the best component out there with a set of $500 budget Read more
Following last year’s Mate 7, and the intermediary Mate S, Huawei is now launching the Mate 8, a stylish phablet featuring the latest-gen Kirin processor Read more
If you don’t have time to check benchmarks and you don’t feel confident to pick the right processor by yourself for you next gaming rig build. We at tech explicit came with a list of the best gaming CPUs offered for the money. Read more
This week, LG has announced its latest smartphone for the mid-tier of the market the LG G Ray. With a metal brush look, high resolution camera sensors and an octa core processor, there’s some promising hardware to be had at a very reasonable price. Read more
Over the last years, the Raspberry foundation has enabled universities and hobbyist to make DIY projects with its affordable board. This week Rapberry Pi has unveiled on a new programmable computing board Read more
The last few days, Xiaomi has been teasing their own new device announcement for November 24th event. The 5.5 inch Redmi Note 3 is the main event, sneaking in the Mi Pad 2. Read more
Qualcomm has officially launched the Snapdragon 820, while Samsung just unveiled on the Exynos 8890 Chip, Huawei’s Hisilicon has announced its Kirin 950 SoC Read more

Laptop Guide 2015

Tech News November 26, 2015 0

We’re always been asking what is the best laptop, but it all depends on what you want to do with it. In this articles we’ll give you a guide on what laptop you should buy depending on how much you are going to spend, screen size, storage, best processor... Read more
Was the Snapdragon 810 just a flaming hot fluke? Will Qualcomm restore its reputation with the new processor launched this month? Read more
Some of the users out there are maybe wondering what’s going on with Blackberry and why it has moved to Android OS with their latest devices Read more
Modular smartphone a couple years ago we thought that is an impossible idea to achieve and make it real, the ability for the user to swap his battery when it is dead or upgrade the camera by swapping it Read more
-YouTube Red, ad-free videos service On October 21st YouTube announced a new service called YouTube Red, the service is a subscription based service for 9.99$ a month, it includes advertisement-free video Read more