Wraps wristband headphones: Never lose your headphones again!
Headphones may have been used as a fashion accessory, but never really as a bracelet. Wraps are there to change it all, and give... Wraps wristband headphones: Never lose your headphones again!

Headphones may have been used as a fashion accessory, but never really as a bracelet. Wraps are there to change it all, and give us a new way to carry our headphones.

it is all rather well known problem. Headphones. They are either in a tangle, or non-existent, i.e. get lost. They are always a problem to store and carry. Yeah, bags and boxes are all good, but that is always an extra thing to carry.

A company in Birmingham has come up with a genius solution to the age-old problem. Why not turn our headphones into fashion-wear? This isn’t turning them into a wearable (though one may argue that headphones are probably the oldest wearable technology!), but instead, addressing the following three: Storage, Anti-Tangle and Style.

To do so, they have turned headphones into hand bracelets, and offer them in the following ranges:  Classic, Talk, Natural and Core Ranges. Today we’ll look into two pairs from the limited edition and core series headphones and see how do they perform.

Inside the box:

Simple, compact laced with information such as specs and how to put them on, also social media accounts and website all presented neatly on the back. Taking off the seal and opening the card box, you’ll find the earphones wrapped with an instruction booklet and different sizes of ear tips to fit your ears. The unboxing experience was simple, neat and straight forward.

Build and Appearance:

Out of the box it becomes apparent that these aren’t just normal headphone cables. It’s a twisted and braided cable which is practical, comfortable and actually looks good too.

The idea of wrapping them around your hands is great, and once you have done it a few times, it feels rather natural and useful. All you need to do is grasp the earbuds in your hands, wrap the cable around your wrist using the other hand, and insert the audio jack into the clasp. A bit of reorganizing means that you can easily sort this into a good-looking bracelet (you can check the video how to put them as a bracelet from here)

There is a single button in-line control which also contains a hands-free mic, and a sliding divider. The latter is extremely important on these earphones. Not only does this manage how much split cable you have running free but it has another duty.

As a bracelet, they actually look good, apart from the fact that the earbuds do look a bit weird on one’s wrist. I also liked the nice braided texture to them and, should you not like the black color or the beaded one, there’s many other colors and material to choose from.

Now this is all well and good, but what we really care about with earphones is the sound quality. So, how is the sound quality? Is it good!!!


I wasn’t expecting much from these to be honest, I thought they are made to be more as a fashion accessory and they focused more on the design than audio quality. Surprisingly, they actually delivered a far more impressive sound than I could have hoped for, not the best earphones around but they are decent.

The treble is sweet rather than the harsh hiss that you get from the more budget realms of ear pleasers. Even ramping up the volume didn’t cause the 10mm drivers to distort or muddy up the low-end. Talking about the bass range, these aren’t going to make your pants rattle but there is enough low presence to kick through your playlist. Mids are focused and perhaps lean more towards the high mids a touch.

Of course, there is always room for sound improvement when it comes to a 30’ish USD headphones, but for the money, this is more than adequate.

Wrap up:

Headphones are usually kept in a drawer, or they end up in the pocket of your jeans and then off for a spin in the washing machine. To wear them as a fashion accessory is certainly a great idea. The connection, the design and the quality of these headphones is certainly top-notch and they feel great on your wrist. The only minor down point is the audio quality which is acceptable comparing to a price point of 30’ish dollar.


I was provided the MyWraps in-ear headphones as a review sample. Head over Wraps website to know more about their products.

Wraps Wristband Headphones

Wraps Wristband Headphones



Build Quality





  • Portability
  • Stylish/Fashionable
  • Great price


  • Poor speakers
  • Earbuds can be damaged easily

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